R A E  H O U S E  C R E A T I V E   M A R K E T I N G  



The Right Choice.

For some, finding the right partner for marketing is a hard

decision.  Knowing who to hire, and whether they will give

you the best results, in a timely manner, and at the right

price is a tall order.  Rae fills those shoes well — everyday.

Just ask any of her clients.

The Talent.

Rae's visionary ideas and striking executions have long

been a vital part of her creative existence.  Her marketing

solutions have amazed and delighted customers for more

than 30 years, while garnering many awards.

The Knowledge.

Her proficiency in all forms of advertising media produces

stimulating and thought-provoking results and is nothing short of the

perfect balance between creative elements (concept, message, color, typography, and visual),

a keen sense of how to connect with the target audience, and finally, an innate ability to listen

to the customer.

The Passion.

While it is true that this is how Rae makes a living, it is also true that she does it because she loves it.  To quote a humorous line by Jerry Della Femina, "I honeslty believe advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on."  And that’s a fact.  During business meetings and creative sessions, Rae's customers frequently comment on how enthusiastic she is — and no small wonder, it's her first love.

The Service.

YES, we have NO junior partners!  Rae is a solo performer who believes that service is key, so she offers one-to-one assistance with every client as if each one is the most important customer in the world.  It is something that she actually enjoys, and she prides herself on efficiency and quick turnaround.

The Results.

A creative fusion of passion, and genuine 'know-how' that brings about winning results,

gives the customer solid proof that Rae was the right choice.